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Individual Therapy Services

Life Recreated provides therapy for individuals looking for a new experience out of life. Our individual therapy services most often focus on management of ADHD, PTSD, anxiety, depression, emotion regulation, substance abuse disorders, or healing from the loss of loved ones or of important relationships.

Coaching Services

While our therapy services are centered around healing and management of a condition, our coaching services are designed to facilitate movement towards a particular goal. Coaching often involves developing skills, unlearning old habits, and creating predictable action plans for transformational change.  At Life Recreated we apply recognized coaching models to create desired change in health, career, and life. Coaching uncovers pathways to new possibilities in all areas of life.

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Couples & Family Therapy

We provide therapy for couples/families who are in need of healing from wounds from the past, overcoming conflict, developing new skills for communicating, and creating agreements which move the system forward. We work extensively with couples struggling with pain from infidelity, those who are considering divorce, and also couples wanting to work past issues with intimacy.

Relationship Coaching

We offer relationship coaching for those interested in enhancing relationships, and these sessions are distinct from therapy services. Those who utilize relationship coaching services often work towards increasing connectedness, creating plans for family transitions, and recreating intimacy.


At times some couples need more than can be offered in an office visit. Intensely painful moments can lead to crises, and couples may require intensive interventions to navigate these dark times. We recognize that such a crossroad needs special attention, and that professional help can make a substantial difference. Our 2 - 4 hours intensives are tailored to your specific circumstances and can even be delivered in the comfort and privacy of your home or our office. Whether you are struggling with the recent discovery of infidelity, the painful results of addiction, or even the crippling fear that the relationship is over, seeking professional guidance can save both your relationship and the costs associated with divorce. These specialized interventions require pre-screening conversations with all parties involved.


Life Recreated offers weekend retreats for those couples who want to explore new possibilities for moving past conflict, reconnecting, and enhancing intimacy. These small-sized experiential workshops are exclusively for couples who want to launch out of the monotonous routines and recreate the fireworks in their relationships. The entire weekend is designed to have partners explore what gets in the way of emotional connection, practice skills which nurture, and rewrite their future as a couple. Couples can expect to enjoy themselves in a relaxed, interactive, and confidential setting. Refreshments and lunch are provided, and our event planners create a menu of “date night” options for participants to make the most of the breaks between sessions. These specialized retreats are offered only a few times a year, are limited to a select number of couples, and are tailored to both the group and the season.


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Individual Substance Misuse Treatment

For those individuals who are clear that they need help to make changes, our Licensed Clinical Addictions Specialists are here to guide you on your walk to recovery. Whether this is your first time getting help or you have been in treatment many times, our therapists offer another chance to create a life that inspires you and others. Come in for a free consultation to see if treatment is right for you.

Family Addiction Treatment

It is often stated in the addiction world that loved ones hit bottom before the addict, and we offer families and friends the chance to learn how they can get relief, find answers, and make the biggest impact on their system. Family members are often the greatest source of encouragement, and despite the best of intentions they are also powerful enablers. At Life Recreated we understand how to guide you past pain and confusion, how to connect you to people who can support you through the struggle, and how to encourage you to make a difference for yourself and your family. Whether you want family therapy, to create an Intervention, or even just personal coaching we are here for you. If you are unsure, please schedule a time for a free consultation to discover what is right for you.

Family Intervention

Addiction creates chaos in families, and when family members are not aligned the efforts of the individual members can cancel each other out. We have a process designed for those families who are ready to begin working together to make a greater impact. Interventions are specially tailored to the needs of the family, and these specialty services are created to maximize the potential of the entire system. Families interested in interventions should know that the process will be meaningful, engaging, and enlightening while also involving a significant amount of time and energy. A consultation is required to discuss packages and pricing.

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Perhaps you’ve had a mind-opening psychedelic journey. What's next? That's where integration comes in—it's like the roadmap for making sense of those expansive, yet sometimes obscure, experiences. Our trained psychedelic therapists and coaches create a safe container where psychedelic experiences become more than just momentary, vivid, and expansive—they become threads in the rich tapestry of your life. Our psychedelic integration services are here to guide you through these personal adventures, helping you fuse those cosmic revelations into your day-to-day existence.


How We Assist

  • Soulful Conversations:  Picture cozy chats that feel like unraveling the mysteries of the universe over a cup of tea. Our personalized sessions, delve into your psychedelic experience with understanding and empathy.

  • Mindful Integration: We will show you how to weave psychedelic insights into your life's fabric. Mindfulness practices, breathwork, use of sound, and somatic embodiment techniques become tools to stitch these experiences into your being.

  • Navigating the Unknown: Psychedelic voyages can feel like cosmic navigation. We’re here as your navigators, steering you through uncharted territories, offering guidance and support before, during and after your journey.

  • Safe Place for Reflection: This is your safe haven. A place to unpack, process, and share your experiences without fear of judgment, where the alchemy of conversation turns fragmented thoughts into cohesive wisdom.


Why Choose Us

  • Heartfelt Connection: Beyond being professionals, we’re fellow travelers on this cosmic expedition. Expect compassionate support, understanding, and a genuine connection as we walk alongside you.

  • Holistic Fusion: It’s not just about the psychedelic journey—it’s about blending those experiences with your life’s canvas. Our approach combines the mystical with the practical, integrating the profound with the mundane.

  • Nurturing Growth: Your journey doesn’t end when the psychedelic effects wear off. We’re here to nurture your growth, offering tools and insights that resonate long after your session ends.


Your Canvas Awaits

Step into a space where your psychedelic journeys become brushstrokes on the canvas of your life. Embrace these experiences, learn from them, and let them enrich your story.

Connect with us today and begin weaving your tapestry of insight and growth.




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Leadership & Organization Development Programming

Our team creates tailored workshops and executive coaching packages for groups based on the focus and desired outcome for the organization. Such topics include:


  • Group and Team Dynamics

  • Diversity and Inclusion

  • Diversity of Thought

  • Understanding and Developing Organizational Culture

Developing Individuals​

  • Personal Leadership Development

  • Becoming and Actualized Leader

  • Giving and Receiving Feedback

  • Emotional and Social Competence Development​

Developing Teams​

  • Communicating for Impact

  • Managing Difficult Conversations

  • Collaborating Across Differences

  • Courageous Followership


  • Thriving in Workplace Ambiguity

  • Coaching Skills for Managers

  • Leading Organizational Change

  • Analyzing Change from a Systems Perspective

​Workshops and content will be customized and relevant to your organization and audience.
Contact us to discuss your organization’s unique needs.

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